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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned in Buying & Selling Closely Held Businesses

Exclusive insights gained from an invitation-only business owners event!

The business owners guide “Lessons Learned In Buying & Selling Closely Held Businesses” recounts real–world stories shared by five business owners that recently sold or acquired a company. This is hands-on practical advice from active business buyers and sellers.

All five business owners assembled on the Panel Discussion at the conference by the same name where they shared true stories, antidotes and advice. Readers may be surprised by the five key takeaways:

  1. When to start preparing the business
  2. How to look at the business
  3. What to do during the sale process
  4. What success is dependent on
  5. What kind of mindset is imperative

The Panelists shared their true stories on topics like; what actually triggered the decision to part with the company they had built. You will read about how the grandson of a founder that started the company in 1898 had to deal with his mother. And, how the entrepreneur with a masterplan, made six acquisitions in order to pull the right business components together, and how, when it was time to sell he had 25 initial offers!

Learn what goes into building a deal team, who needs to be part of the team, and who needs to know about it. All sellers are looking to generate the maximum amount for their business, these former owners shared their secrets on what they did to increase multiples prior to the sale.

The DAK Group

The DAK Group is a leading Investment Bank/M&A Advisory Firm serving mid-market privately held companies in the areas of: selling and acquiring businesses, financial restructuring, capital advisory, valuations and fairness opinions. Since 1984, The DAK Group has executed hundreds of M&A transactions across a wide range of industries enabling clients to maximize the value of their business. At The DAK Group we understand people and the spirit that drives company owners and executives to seek the best possible results for their life’s work.