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Cross-Border International Transactions

Cross-Border International TransactionsCross-Border International Mergers and Acquisitions

Over a third of The DAK Group’s transaction volume involves Cross-Border Relationships and International Mergers and Acquisitions.

The world is smaller and many global mid-size businesses are interested in international mergers and acquisitions. The DAK Group has long understood this and has secured and managed value-enhancing business transactions on a global scale. Our worldwide experience and vast network of international contacts allow us to identify overseas partners and engineer the highest value transactions for our clients. For our sell-side clients, DAK can efficiently identify and engage senior decision makers of non-US businesses around the world who often see great value in establishing a foothold in the United States.

Conversely, we can assist a company’s growth strategy by tapping into our global network to identify strategic targets in the top markets within the US and abroad. In short, our relationships run deep and span the globe across private companies, public companies, financial sponsors and accredited investors.

Foreign buyers, particularly from Europe, are looking to the U.S. for acquisition targets due to the strength and safety of the domestic market. As such, the sale of US companies to foreign buyer has increased continuously over the past few years, with all indications this trend will continue into the foreseeable future.