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Client Testimonials

capital-advisory-servicesClient Testimonials

One of the most gratifying results of our efforts are the accolades The DAK Group continues to receive from the hundreds of clients we have advised in the US and internationally.

DAK enjoys rewarding relationships based on mutual trust and respect and common goals with clients in the many industries we serve, including consumer products, technology, manufacturing, distribution and business services.

I never appreciated the complexity of issues involved in selling a company. I naively thought that once a price was agreed to, I’d be home free. DAK navigated obstacles and identified opportunities to improve my yield. The result was far better than if I had tried this on my own.

—Jeff Weisman

I had been approached by a sophisticated buyer and recognized I needed professional help. DAK got me more money than I could have ever gotten on my own, earning their fee many times over. I understood my business, but DAK understood how to reap its value.

—Dwayne Diesu

We knew that an acquisition was critical to our growth strategy. With DAK spearheading our efforts, we managed to identify the right company and negotiate, finance and close the deal before our competitors had formulated their offers.

—Howard Hirsch

I never imagined that I would sell to a South African company. It was incredible the way DAK unearthed real buyers that I didn’t believe would have an interest in my company. We received value far beyond our expectations.

—Bob Cagnazzi

After interviewing many nationally recognized firms, DAK was an easy choice. I wanted competence, experience and a firm that recognized that this was the largest financial decision of my life, and would fight to get me the best deal possible.

—Mike DeMuro

As we continue on a path of corporate growth, we consider DAK Capital to be a trusted partner in the execution of our strategic vision. They didn’t just help us purchase assets; they also structured a creative agreement that met both parties’ current needs and will engender mutual continued success in the future.

—Jim Wallace

The DAK Group was the right choice. They have proven their promise of service before, during and after the deal. I feel like a friend for life rather than a client for one transaction.

—Eugene “Bud” McGrane, Jr.

Client Testimonials April 24, 2013